Project Consulting

& Management

Security CCTV & Access Solutions

Corporate customers rely on us for integration and support for their many systems. We provide high quality IP based CCTV, Access Control, Fire and Alarm systems.

Our team ensures that these systems operate reliably and efficiently to protect personnel and company assets.

Who we serve

Antel Communication Services ltd. continues to

provide solutions for:

Telecommunication services Providers

Oil and Gas companies.

Corporate and Government networks.

Video Surveillance Safe City.

National Security.

Broadband wireless ISP etc.

Fibre Optic Systems.




Antel commisioned approx 100 wireless point to point radio systems within the region, many over remote and difficult terrians. These systems provide much needed services for the underserved communities in the region.

Wireless networks for Offshore and Onshore Oil and Gas platforms  support a wide range of broadband applications
required by oil and gas companies to assure increased safety, security
and operational efficiency

Antel Care Services 

Antel Communication Services ltd. boasts of highly skilled and experienced ICT personnel performing at the highest level to deliver to our customers the best care for their communication needs. All of our products are backed by Antel Care Services for pre and post technical support, extended warranties and RMA.
Strict adherence to Quality and Industry Standards  in our installations guarantees high uptimes and low network performance issues.  

Our  involvment  in many T&T major telecom projects providing consultancy and management ensured their success. Projects completed for Service Providers Manufacturers and Corporate Customers. locally and regionally.

Wireless Networks